AG (Adrianne Gonzalez of The Rescues), a lifelong painter, fills each canvas with a single lyric; one exquisite and magnified particle of a love song. It’s a perfect fate for such words, to hang above the places where love and loneliness actually occur, bearing acrylic witness and reassurance: “you’re not alone yet, I’m still here.” It is the same of her music: AG picks the one line that dares to be everything, and then she picks another, arranging them until they’re a full flipbook narrative— every layer breathing in unison and changing the air around you.

Lyrically an album about love, AG’s Me After You is the ultimate balance of tension and release. She renders said balance in each vocal and instrumental composition by alternately giving the ear what it most wants and least expects. She understands that every note and silence is part of this conversation, from the fearless opening snare to the final pulsing reverberation. It is all a purposeful rapture: an attack of the stars, a drowning flame and a mad, scattering choir; the squinting of eyes through a boarded window that one’s lover used to live behind; a call into the darkness and the silence that answers; a physical, wrecking ball devastation, followed by the aural equivalent.